Commitment Ceremonies


Having a Wedding Day with all the trappings is not for everyone. If you just want a simple ceremony to state your commitment to each other – I will create a unique ceremony to reflect just that.

The occasion can be as private and discreet as you like or it can be a public celebration with friends and family. I will design a ceremony which gives you as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. Although not a marriage in the legal sense, we can conduct a similar sequence of events and I will present you with a Certificate of Commitment.

Renewal of Vows


When you want to share with family and friends the enduring love you still have for the person you married some years before, perhaps it is time to have a ceremony where you can renew those vows.

This time around you fully understand what marriage is all about and it is very romantic to celebrate this with family and friends. This time, your children might like to be involved. Your close friends might like to participate – so how about having a ceremony to celebrate all of this?

Naming Day Ceremonies



A new baby in the family? A teenager who wants to celebrate their change of name? Didn’t have a Naming Ceremony when a baby? Step-children who want to be included in the family? Any of these situations are very valid reasons to now have a Naming Day Ceremony complete with a Certificate of Naming.

It all starts with a meeting and a chat to discover how each of these scenarios can be developed into a joyful and meaningful ceremony – entirely tailored to your individual needs.



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